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Can anyone tell me any best practices when mortaring the bricks around the oven shell? How thick do you make the thin joints between the firebricks? Should I use spacers, etc?
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Are you speaking of the Stucco shell that goes over the blanket & chicken wire?

If so, you want that mortar to be thin - about 1/8".

But I wouldn't apply a firebrick on the outside (if it is the stucco shell you are speaking of).

You want to use a thin brick veneer.  Placing a firebrick on the outside of the blanket is not correct.

The oven should look like this (from the inside-to-outside).

Foam oven form.  Firebrick.  2 Layers of blanket.  Chicken Wire.  2 layers of Stucco.  Thin layer of mortar w/ brick veneer attached.  

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