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I know there was a similar question a couple years ago, but I have a bit of a different one. When I took out the foam form, I saw voids in the refractory mortar in my barille grande.  Someone asked if they should be filled in. The answer was if they are deeper than .5" it can be filled in.  

My question is, if I do not fill them in and they are deeper than .5" (more like 3/4 to 1") will that be a problem?  I put 4 layers of ceramic blanket on mine.
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If there are voids on the OUTSIDE - then yes, fill those in w/ high-temp mortar.

If there are voids on the INSIDE - and they are deeper than 1/2", then go ahead and fill those in w/ high-temp mortar.

If they are LESS than 1/2" in depth, and the oven has NOT BEEN FIRED YET, go ahead and fill it in - but keep an eye on that area.  

If if comes out, scrub or scrape that area clean and apply Rutland's high-temp mortar for chipped mortar -

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