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I've built my Mattone Barlie oven, wrapped it with insulating blanket and then covered with 2 coats of stucco (per instructions).  To finish it I am encompassing the oven with stacked  bricks.  For the roof I planned to use a slightly pitched roof made of concrete.  My initial plan was to pour the roof in a form then place the roof onto the stacked bricks.  Well, I calculated the weight of the roof and its going to be over 800 lbs - I don't have enough strong friends, or crane, to lift and place that. 

So plan B is to pour the roof in place - I will need to build a form to pour the concrete on that will sit on the bricks that surround the oven.  My question is can I use wood for the form?  The form inside the brick enclosure (that sits above the oven) will get left behind so i'm worried leaving wood there.  The temp on the outside of the oven hasn't gone above ~150 degrees the 5 times I've used it so far so is not really hot - but doesn't seem like a good idea to leave wood inside there.



PS. Really enjoying the oven so far.  [smile]
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