Adhere Ceramic Fiber Blanket To Oven?

Has anyone used any kind of product to adhere tgd ceramic fiber blanket to the oven surface? I’ve never worked with it before but could imagine it would be helpful if I could stick it to the oven surface while I get the chicken wire in place.

Hi Rich,

You might be overthinking it just a bit. The ceramic fiber has a bit of mass to it, so given a reasonably calm day it’s not going to float away. As you lay down the layers they should hold down the ones underneath.

Bottom line is you would likely take longer trying to adhere each layer of blanket than it would take to get them down and secure them with the matrix (chicken wire).

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I see what you mean. I just wrapped the oven in the ceramic blanket, put on the wire mesh and did my first shell coat!!


That’s great, Rich! You can now start counting the days until your curing fires. :slight_smile:

I need some help. When I purchased the foam for the Grande I did not receive the chimney foam. I have been contact DIYBBQ about sending me the missing parts. They just do not get back to me. Very unhappy with claims p, customer service and sales. At this point I will need the chimney foam by soon. I purchased the DURA 6Kit. Can someone provide me with the chimney foam dimensions and I will make it myself.
Thanks for any help.

It’s shipping via FedEx in about 15 minutes…

Here’s your tracking number - 770551070062