BrickWood Ovens Coupon Code / Promo Code

I Googled “BrickWood Ovens Coupon Code” and a few sites popped-up offering a promo code that doesn’t seem to work. I’m thinking the coupon code wasn’t legit…

You are correct - IT AIN’T LEGIT!

Periodically, BrickWood Ovens will offer a Coupon Code - But ONLY on the website.

No. Other. Sites. PERIOD!

When you see some obscure website with a page title that reads “BrickWood Ovens Coupon Code” or “BrickWood Ovens Promo Code” - it’s clickbait. So you need to be careful clicking on that link (unless you want to test your computers virus software).

We reserve our Coupon Codes for the occasional sale (which will be posted on our homepage) - and active duty Military & First Responders.