Building a Mattone Barile Oven Into a Covered Extended Patio With Chimney

I have been contracted to build a covered extended patio with fireplace and pizza oven, the Barile Grande is the homeowners choice. After reading this thread, and others about the chimney height, I wonder if you have comments/suggestions of this modified design. I understand chimney will need to be moved to front of the structure.

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Well… that’s just gorgeous!

Please be sure to take TONS of pictures (& videos) of this project from start to finish! I’m sure we’ll have a special place on our Photo Gallery for a project like this!! :wink:

First - Don’t worry about the chimney height. The taller the chimney, the better the draw (to a point), but many, many customers have built their chimneys this tall w/ no reported issues.

  1. Make sure you close off the front of the oven a tad to ensure you force the smoke out the chimney vs. rolling out the front of the oven.

  2. Don’t worry about trimming / cutting the bricks in the back of the oven as they will not be visible.

  3. Wrap the oven w/ 2 layers of Ceramic Fiber Blanket and attach with Chicken Wire (NO STUCCO NEEDED). Then dump a couple of bags of VERMICULITE or PERLITE on top of the enclosed oven to insulate the oven.

This looks like an AWE$$$OME project so please be sure to keep us updated on your progress (and again - LOTS OF PICS!!!)

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Thanks so much!

I appreciate your quick response.

As long as the chimney is a front of oven, heat for cooking should be good? We are using your door…