Can't find damper on this site

Can anyone tell me where to find the durtect damper on this site? Would like to see if I can purchase but all I see is the kit but no damper.

Hi Pete,

The word is that it sold out, so it’s not listed on Brickwood’s site. It’s a custom fabricated item, so Brickwood has to order a large quantity of it at one time and pay DuraTech in advance for it.

It can be added easily (pop off the spark arrestor and chimney cap, add it in, and replace the arrestor and cap above it) if it becomes available.

I’m sure that @BrickWood is monitoring requests for it, to decide whether to get DuraTech to make another batch of them. My advice would be to keep building, and jump on it if it becomes available.

Thank you. I’ll keep an eye out then.