Chimney pipe ID size

I was given a 6 inch ID double wall stainless steel pipe and was planning on using it for my oven. Will I get a good draw? I noticed that the kit online look like it a 4 inch ID pipe. Plus. Do I need a damper system or is that necessary? Any thoughts?

Hi Pete,

I think the question about the 6 inch pipe is in Brickwood’s bailiwick.

As for a damper, it’s optional, but if you want better control over draft and heat retention, it’s very helpful. With the DuraTech kit, the damper component fits inline and can be added later. Of course that’s also a 4-inch component.

With both plumbing and ventilation, shifting diameters is not a good idea in general. You’d have to either engineer the opening through your oven walls (which would be fine, though it means you wouldn’t have much of a “collar” with the firebrick), or install a transition pipe at the plate to take you from 4 inches to 6 inches. Instinctively I’d be concerned about a choke point like that in a smoke-way, but that’s the part I want to leave with Brickwood for commentary.

I’ve flagged your question so @BrickWood will see it, and I’ll be interested to hear what the designer has to say about it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice. I’ll look for the brickwood bailiwick thread so far can’t find it. Was planning on going with the straight 6 inch pipe with no transition to a 4. Only if I can find An anchor plate for the celling of the oven. With out that it’s useless.

I do know I’ll have to make special cuts to fit around chimney. Thanks again!

Hi again, Pete,

One other thought: the DuraTech kit also comes with a spark arrestor and chimney cap. I’m guessing you already thought of those. The chimney cap keeps the elements out of your oven (necessary) and the spark arrestor keeps burning embers from flying out of the chimney and scorching nearby surroundings (best case) or starting an external fire (worse case).

We have had a chiminea for the past 10 years. It’s made of fired clay, and draws really well. We also have a patio umbrella that used to sit near the chiminea. It doesn’t any more, because of the interesting peepholes in the fabric created by flying embers.

Just wanted to be sure I mentioned those two components for other folks reading this thread.

Good morning Pete & Matt -

If you are building the Mattone Barile or Mattone Barile Grande, we offer the following DuraTech exhaust system in order of installation:

6" DuraTech Anchor Plate
6" DuraTech Damper (Optional & can be EASILY added at anytime)
6" DuraTech Chimney Cap
6" - 8" DuraTech Spark Arrestor

We don’t recommend a chimney pipe on the Mattone Barile series ovens as they are an open-faced oven. Meaning they aren’t closed off like other types of ovens (like our Cortile Barile & Mattone Cupola). The larger opening allows the oven owner to comfortably use their ovens for more than just pizza & bread. With the larger open face, you can use the oven as a wood-fired BBQ, smoker and a couple of customers have even created a homemade rotisserie (see pics below). This is something you can not do in a closed-front oven. So the Barile series is more than a pizza oven - it’s a UNIVERSAL oven!

Now - if you close off the front of the Barile series oven, we do show you how to do this in our instructions (and many, many customers have). And if you DO choose to close off the front of your Barile series oven, we would recommend a 6" x 6" DuraTech damper to not only assist in the draw… but it will also also you to seal the oven which will help retain up-to 90% of the heat in your oven (vs escaping through the chimney).

If you are building the Cortile Barile series oven, we recommend a DuraTech damper &/or a 6" x 12" DuraTech chimney pipe -

If you are building the Mattone Cupola series oven - you DO NOT need a damper as the oven door sets between the oven opening and the exhaust opening (which seals the oven), but again, we do recommend a 6" x 12" DuraTech chimney pipe for proper draw.

And as Matt mentioned - you don’t want to monkey with the exhaust dimensions. All ovens are designed for 6" exhaust kits for proper draw. Using a 4" will prevent proper airflow and result in more smoke hitting you in the face vs escaping through the chimney system.

Why do we recommend DuraTech exhaust systems vs an off-the-shelf exhaust brand? One reason… Quality! DuraTech exhaust systems are not only Made in the USA, but they are double-wall construction and most importantly - they are STAINLESS STEEL! You MUST have a stainless steel exhaust if your oven is exposed to the elements.

Here are more forum topics on DuraTech Exhaust Kits.

Thanks again for the information. I think I’ll just go with the kit. Planning on working on the main oven this weekend.

But now after seeing those pictures you got me thinking a rotisserie. Lol!

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