Custom Pizza Oven Door for the Mattone Barile Series pizza oven

I’m still in the planing stages of my oven and I found this amazing pizza oven door.

I love the door - but the opening is just under the recommended in the construction details. Will it really have a negative effect? What’s the worst that could happen?


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Metric = 42.5cm (W) X 37cm (H)

American = 16.75"W x 13.25"H

You’re looking at about 222sqin combined - but that’s w/ perfect 90° corners. Since the pizza oven door is rounded at the top, you are probably looking at 200sqin. Which just so happens to be the recommended maximum opening size for the Mattone Barile pizza oven (the smaller of the Barile Series ovens).

But the Mattone Barile GRANDE has a minimum oven opening of 240sqin. The 200sqin door opening on your awesome pizza oven door might just be pushing the minimum size requirements on the Grande version.

Summary = Your custom pizza oven door WILL work w/ the Mattone Barile series oven… but NOT the Mattone Barile GRANDE version.

Mattone Barile Oven Opening Requirements:

Mattone Barile GRANDE Oven Opening Requirements:

Thank you so much for taking the time to work out the details, even if unfortunately the results are not what I hoped for. They do not make a larger version of the door, which leaves me with having to make one.

I will post the results when I will make it.

Thanks again.

Wish i would have seen this before i finished my oven! This is truly amazing!!! Good job Hunter!!!