DC Family Dual-Fuel Pizza Oven Diary

Brick work is done…now on to the fun part!

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Looking good! Not sure if that hand-crafted door is going to stand up to the 1000 degree heat though.

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hAHAHHAHA…Good one!!


Well…the first coat is done. I had to stop twice to tighten my wire…but I got it done.

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Her butt’s getting bigger with every coat of stucco! Happens to the best of us…the form comes out this weekend!

It’s All About The Form…

Form’s out! Apparently…there’s an oven inside of here?! Now comes the fun part! Close down the front and add some decor…

All that pan spray was worth it! First side slipped right out…

A little fighting with the other side…then the roof came right out!

I was a little heavy on the mortar I guess? Oh well…

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Starting to play with a little stucco (colors). I think we are going with the bottom color. My custom door has shipped!! As soon as it arrives, I will start closing off the front…

In the meanwhile, I’m playing with a “floating” chimney top…and the “stone look” on the concrete slab…


Well…here’s a last look at the Burner. It is installed and awaiting the Plumber tomorrow. Wasn’t going to tackle that myself! The Burner will be protected by a steel shield, made for me by the guy who made my oven door. Both are supposed to arrive tomorrow. The plumber has been warned to light the burner only as much as necessary, to prevent thermal shock. The oven hasn’t been cured, yet.

Once I have the door, I will confirm my template and start closing off the front! My Tuscan Grill rack can’t wait for the steak!

Got the gas hooked up!! Thanks “Fire by James” You (Skyler) rocked!

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Looks great. Is this going to be gas only or wood too? If both, do you out a cap or cover on the burner?


It will be both gas and wood. I can use the gas to quick light the wood…or just us the gas for quick meals or to maintain a wood/gas fire temperature.

I have a custom shield that will be added today. The guy who made my custom door, made the shield for me!


Closed down the front today. I used the same form, as it came out in (virtually) one piece. A little Sawzall work and it fit perfectly.

The door and shield came yesterday, and I was able to match it to my template. I was spot on…but it doesn’t hurt to check. Both fit perfectly…

It was a bit harder than I thought it would be. After I added the angle iron, the front stuck out about 1/4" more, towards the top. I didn’t think about that. I used the remaining mortar to add a “scratch-face” so the granite will have something to hold on to.

From here on out…it’s all decoration!

Hey All!

I got the granite cut and chisled this weekend. Looks pretty good, for a first timer. I need to seal the seam and then seal the granite. As soon as my stucco comes in, I can match the colors. I should be able to start the curing burns this weekend!

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Well…after countless weeks of work, inside a tented sauna…the Carter Family Oven finally peaks at a little sunlight…and it’s first (of 6) curing fires! I’m still doing some cosmetic work on the marble and stucco…but she’ll be ready to cook by next week! Now comes the rest of the island…


Hey All,

Finished my sixth and final curing fire! I could not let all those good coals go to waste…so I nuked a frozen brat and put in on the Tuscan Grill!! Cooked up in no time! While this is NOT the proper Wisconsin way to make a brat…it was rewarding as hell!! Gonna make some fresh dough for this weekend! Maybe pizza…or maybe sandwich loaves (with pizza dough)…saw it on Youtube…!! Woohooo!!! P.S. Mounting a light is a must!! Gotta see what’s going on inside my oven at night!

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I’m originally from Pittsburgh and a sandwich on pizza dough is called a wedgie. I highly recommend it. My wife is slightly concerned that I built the oven just to have a wedgie again.

Good luck. And no matter how oblong the pizza is it will still be delicious.


You’re rocking it now, Dwayne. Congratulations!

We plan to have an electrician help us with installing underground lines (and yes, with armored conduit!) so we can have light and perhaps refrigeration out by the oven. It’s a necessity, and we want it to be a sociable gathering spot even in the cooler months.

Side benefit is that we’ll extend the line out along the back of our lot, so that our shed is included. My spouse wants to install a “secret bar” in back of the shed!

That brat looks like it didn’t know what hit it. Here’s to many more!

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Hahaha…thanks Bikerbudmatt! Yes…WAAY overcooked…but it was worth the sacrifice! I am tossing some dough right now, to tryout Newman’s Wedgie! This will give me a little practice with pizza dough!

I’ll take some pics!



And the problem with that would be…?


Got to know the oven a little better this weekend. Fired up some steaks, then some burgers and Puccia bread (pizza dough) to try to lock in my pizza dough recipe. Gettin’ there…

I will tell you…I’m glad I extended the landing…but I wish it was even larger. A staging area for your pans, gloves, thongs…etc. You use up a lot of space…quickly.

Puccia dough recipe still needs some work, though…

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