Do you sell covers for the ovens?


Like Snowflakes, there are no identical BrickWood Ovens. Since each oven kit is fished differently, having a form-fitting cover would be impossible.

If you didn’t build your oven with a roof or other weather resistant finish, you will need some way to protect if from the elements. The quickest and least expensive way to protect your oven is with a plastic tarp or plastic sheeting. Neither solution is very sexy, but both are effective!

Plastic tarps come in a variety of colors with green and Smurf blue being the most common. Tarps are thicker than plastic sheeting and generally last many more seasons than thin plastic sheeting… But, plastic sheeting is clear and visually less obtrusive than a colorful tarp.




I have used tarps and get a couple years of use each. Would love to have a cover like Classic Accessories make for the BBQ and patio furniture. Maybe if enough of us contact them they would make some. Doesn’t have to be perfect fit just something that doesn’t look like a tarp covered junk pile in my yard.