How many layers of Ceramic Fiber Blanket should I wrap my oven with?

Most of our customers are weekend oven users so a couple of layers of blanket are more than enough for their insulation needs.

If you plan on using your oven more than the average person, or you live in a state that occasionally gets snow, you should consider wrapping your oven with a 3rd or even 4th layer of ceramic fiber blanket.

Dollar-for-dollar, a second box of blanket is the best investment you can make for your oven.

2 Layers – If you want to fire-up the oven for a fun Weekday or Weekend night. Not planning on making more than 25 – 30 pizzas / bread.

3 Layers – When you plan on doing some heavy duty baking for a couple of days. The 3rd layer of blanket will help retain more heat for the next day. Especially helpful in those cold states (if temps go below 40 at night – that’s a cold state to me).

4 Layers – Starting a backyard bakery? Add a 4th layer and your oven will be Super-Insulated for a full week of baking!