How to make Brick Veneer from FULL SIZE pieces of Brick - It's easier than you think!


True Story – I took my wife veneer shopping at our local masonry supply and asked her to pick the veneer for a BrickWood Box that I was building at our new home. After searching and searching through a large number of styles and colors of veneer, she just couldn’t find what she was looking for. She explained to the sales rep exactly what she wanted and he guided us to their “Bargain Alley” – a place where unwanted brick and block are placed on clearance. After climbing over several pallets of brick, my wife found her gem… a single pallet of dirty, filthy and muck covered black brick with a very unique texture. The only problem, these were not veneer – they were full size brick.

To make a long story short, I spent a full day in 100°+ temperatures cutting 1/2" off the face of each brick while she and the kids went to a movie in an air-conditioned theater then went shopping in an air-conditioned mall. Moral of the story – think twice before asking your wife to choose the veneer for your BrickWood Box!

If you can’t find the exact veneer you are looking for, you can make your own 1/2" veneer using full size brick – see what they have on clearance before paying for full price brick.

This pallet of beautiful black “Clicker” brick was hidden by other pallets of brick on clearance. After a little scrubbing, the brick showed its true beauty – a deep semi-gloss Black with touches of Silver.

When cutting the face off brick, you MUST use a Miter Saw with a Masonry Blade. Don’t even think about using an Angle Grinder for this LONG, BORING, DUSTY & TIME CONSUMING project.

SIDE NOTE: How do you get rid of hundreds of faceless brick? Craigslist! I just simply put all the faceless brick on a pallet and posted “FREE / CURB ALERT - FREE BRICK. FACES ARE CUT OFF. YOU WILL NEED TO LOAD”. I had 16 requests in the first 2 hours after posting the ad and they were gone by the end of the day.