Lining inside of oven with ceramic fiber blanket

We are converting a fireplace into a wood burning pizza oven and thinking of lining the inside of the oven with ceramic fiber blanket; this would obviously subject the blanket to direct heat and possibly flames. Would this be safe? This has been a really fun challenge, check out our progress below!

That’s a huge negative ghost rider…at this point you’re talking either a re-build, or just enjoy the oven for what it will be, probably maxing out at 400-600 degrees instead of 800-1000. Not quite the classic pizza oven, more like your kitchen oven outdoors which is still pretty cool.

@Carlos do you say that because the ceramic fiber would just burn? Any tips on ways to insulate it/get the heat as high as possible?

An un-sealed ceramic blanket would give off dust, which would be a huge silicosis risk! Talk about killer pizza! Just Google silicosis and ceramic fiber blanket and you’ll see exactly why. If you want to use a ceramic blanket in reverse you would have to engineer it in reverse…basically find some way to attach blanket to inside wall (fire mortar maybe) and then build in backwards a firebrick wall (talk about challenging brickwork). Make sure to always use an N-95 grade mask when working with any insulation, but especially glass-based ones like a fiber blanket. Can’t repair lung damage.

That’s a good idea @Carlos. We’ve been using Heat Stop refractory mortar to build the oven, what if we covered the blanket with this? This would also effectively adhese it to the wall.

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Before you go the ceramic fiber route…I’m wondering about the structure I see in the photo. The photo is pretty tightly cropped (to the point that I can’t tell whether this is located indoors or outdoors).

But it looks like the existing fireplace has a standard lined firebox. Do you have access behind it?

A photo or two of the overall setting and the back of the fireplace would help here.


@bikerbudmatt it’s outside, and as you’ll see from the picture I don’t have access behind it. As the space above the oven floor and the chimney above is so large (I’ll post another pic in another post as I can only attach 1), I’m concerned about losing most of the heat. Any thoughts??

Any thoughts @bikerbudmatt or @Carlos ?

Hi Daniel,

Well, that is indeed an enormous volume above the box.

As @Carlos pointed out it’s just going to be tough without a rebuild. You can get as much insulation as possible into the side walls, but your heat is going to escape through that opening.

One wild thought that comes to mind is casting a dome with a top vent, building a support ridge just under the base of the chimney box, and inserting the dome up into it. You might have the space, and while it still wouldn’t perform like a purpose-designed wood fired pizza oven, it would come a lot closer.

But that’s way beyond my skill level. @BrickWood might be able to expand on it or at least tell us why it wouldn’t work. :slight_smile: :wink:

It’s an interesting project @Dankrohn. I can see why the original structure appealed to you and I hope there is a way for it to work out for you both!

Thanks @bikerbudmatt!