Pizzas in the BrickWood Box

I’m really torn between the Mattone Grand and the BrickWood Box.

How hot does the BrickWood get? 800+ degrees like the Mattone?

How many pizzas can you cook at once in the lower oven? If only 1-2, how long does the fire burn?

We host a lot of parties… my dream is to have 20-30 folks over for a pizza night on a weekly basis. But I’ve also dreamed of hosting a pig roast a few times a year. The versatility of the BrickWood Box is appealing. But it has to be just as good at making pizzas as that’s the primary purpose.

Advice? Thanks!

Ok I’ll weigh in my opinion here. When my wife and I first dreamed of a pizza oven the brickwood box was not available. And went on to strat building the Mattone Barile Grande. Half way through my build the brickwood box came out. And we were like that would of been prefect. The best of all worlds.

But now looking back on it, I’m glad I didn’t. And this is the reason. You would have to get down on your hands and knees to cook anything in the oven. Unless you elevate it. Then you would have to get up on something to use the top. My wife and I are not getting younger so we would not use the oven part as much. And I don’t know how many pizza’s you can cook in it.

If I were you and you want to host pig roast and pizza partys, for 20 to 30 people I would build both. You would have the ability you need.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for responding, that’s exactly what I was thinking but wanted to hear it from someone else, because on the surface it seems awesome and a one stop shop!

I agree with 423tommy. I built both and it works perfectly. The Barile Grande is perfect for managing pizzas and I found the BrickWood Box is a little to low to the ground for making pizzas the same way as the Barile Grande.

Did you build the Box yourself? I’m looking to do it myself… I have almost zero experience, but the directions are amazingly OCD detailed to where I could see myself doing it. Any tips?

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Yes, I built it myself and the yes, the direction were perfect. I know there a few things along the way that I might have changed but they were very minor and I mostly forgot. One section of the directions that I strongly recommend following would be when you apply the veneer to the upper chamber…ensure you have a guide to keep everything straight. I didn’t and my corner sort of droop down. Oh, and I did make the concrete pad bigger so I could have around 18"+ of concrete on each side.

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