SBC instead of Stucco?

Any thoughts? I dry-stacked and used Quikwall on the base, and have two bags left over. It’s white, and I can color it to match the base exactly.

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On “Installation Instructions 2.0” we are going to show our customers how to build the cinder block base w/out mortar - and simply use Quikwall (or similar).

PLEASE take lots of pictures of your installation so we can show everyone else how you built a mortarless base. I think more and more pizza ovens will be built this way as it cuts down on materials and time… so plz take plenty of pics so everyone can see the construction process.


For those of you not familiar with Quikwall, here’s Quikcrete’s introductory video:

How to Build a Block Wall Without Mortar

It may not be absolutely everything you need to know about this technique, but it certainly covers everything that’s involved in building a Brickwood-ready base.

Doing the cinder block base with Quikwall was a no-brainer, I just followed the directions and videos such as linked to by @bikerbudmatt. Used charcoal colored dye, so it is a darkish grey. Mortared and leveled the initial course of blocks using quickwall, filling the blocks where the rebar connected to the slab. Then dry-stacked the rest of the blocks, 4 rows high (wife is short). Applied the Quikwall to the stacks, using 4 bags total. Filled the blocks with regular concrete.

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Did the dome with SBC, it worked out fine. Dyed it the same charcoal grey as the base, but I’ll not claim perfection on matching colors.

It took 4 bags to cover the Cortile Barile dome, with a bunch left over from the last bag. So 3.5 bags is better. After speaking with the Quikrete rep on the phone, I used the acrylic fortifier for all of the bags. No need for moist cure then, and no concerns about bonding between layers. Also, could apply second layer once first was set.

Waited about an hour and a half to start putting on a second layer over the first, which was not rock hard but was set. Not sure total thickness, estimate 3/4" everywhere with more where I applied a lot to round out the shape where there were indents. It resembles a cylinder if you squint a little.

Getting everything right at the entrance was problematic. The SBC wouldn’t stick well, and ended up leaving it well short of the entrance, then going back and using rapid setting cement to do the entrance. Made a little form for the arch out of some plastic sitting around, and used that to get a good shape. Also used acrylic fortifier for that.

Currently curing the oven…on day two.

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Is this the product you used?

Having used it, would you recommend it for others / DIYers?

It is. Time will tell if it works its magic, but we followed the directions and the Quikrete rep’s recommendation and no problems so far. In to day 4 of curing, shell looks great.

The Quikrete sets up pretty quick, so while using the 1.25 gallons per bag (1/2 gal fortifier) resulted in what seemed like an initially soupy mix, we were able to apply it to vertical surfaces pretty quickly.

As a downrange report, the dome and entrance have been perfect, lots of pizzas cooked, so I’d give a thumbs up to the Quikwall used with acrylic fortifier for putting the dome together.

The dome stays cool except next to where the chimney comes out. Insulation works great.


Sounds like a home run! Glad it’s all working out, and here’s to many delicious pizzas (and the people who eat them!) in your future.

Thanks for letting us know!

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