Searching For Fire Clay

After many years of waiting, I finally purchased the Barile Grande! BUT I can’t find any place that sells fire clay. Also, can you please tell me how to distinguish between high fire clay from the others? I live in southern California. Thank you.

Hi, Lia, and welcome to the BrickWood forums!

Congratulations on starting your Mattone Barile. :slight_smile: I know you will be happy with the finished project, and whatever you bake in it will taste better because you built it yourself.

If you haven’t done this already, check the Materials Locator. When I was building my oven (same kit as yours), I was pleasantly surprised to find the nearest supplier was just 2 miles away from us, and in fact we already knew them because they had supplied stone for a garden wall we built.

As for Fire Clay…you can use either Mid or High grades. The Materials Locator includes listings for ceramics supply dealers (for example, Western Industrial Ceramics in San Diego, which I picked out at random). The best way to make sure you are getting the right grade is to ask the salesperson—but keep your BS detector tuned for statements like, “The low grade is just fine for your project.” That usually means they either have a surplus of low grade to move, or they are temporarily out of the other two.

Here is a thread that summarizes, succinctly, the grades.

Please let us know how this works out, and keep us posted on your project!

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Thank you!!! I found high grade fire clay in Laguna beach.

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Great news Lia! Glad we could help out.

Keep us posted on your build, and best of luck. And I know @BrickWood would want me to add, Have fun!

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Hello Lia -

Can you let us know which Model / Material of fire clay you received from Laguna Clay?

They have a HUGE selection of clays and fire clays… I want to make sure we are recommending the correct product for our customers.

Can you attach a picture of your bag?


Of course,
this is what I was suggested for the brick oven: Refractory body WC-895, it is great for thermal shock.
I will pick it up next week and I will send you a picture. They told me that they have 50 lbs bag in stock.
I hope this helps

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