Smallest brick oven


First off; thank you for the site – it’s been very informative and the cost estimates allow average families such as myself attaining a pizza oven!

I was wondering if there’s a DIY kit for a smaller oven than what you have listed on the site ?

I’ve attached a photo of the area I’d like to turn into a “pizza oven”; essentially placing it where the firepit is now. I believe I have 35" x 35" for the base.
(I believe the base in the instructions for the Mattone Barile is ~55x59")

Finally; is there a curated list of 3rd party builder who can help with the construction if I purchase one of the starter packs;
I understand that they are targeted for ‘the average joe’; unfortunately my building skills are even worse.
I’d love to hire someone with whom I can build this along with – I’m in the Bay Area in California.