Smoker! It’s time

I think it’s time for me to build a good smoker next to my oven. What do you think?

Absolutely. Very happy smoking with my brickwood box! (finishing stone veneer in spring, I swear)


Looks really good. Yes I think I need to get on it. Smoking meat is something hard to do in the oven.

And works great in the box:

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Man! That looks amazing. Wow! Did you follow the prescribed plans exactly or make any changes?

Making me hungry Adam!

Followed the (very particular) plans as best I could.

I suppose I poured a concrete counter top that I capped it off with, but that’s just a different decoration. No substantive changes.

(and my slab is bigger to accommodate the smoker and pizza oven (future project, will connect them with a counter/work surface))

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