Stainless DIY BBQ Lid / Serving Tray


How’s this for ingenuity?!?! Not only does this lid function as a heat retaining lid for your BBQ, but when you are ready to pull your food off the grill, simply turn the lid upside down, place the food inside the lid, then cover the lid with the form-fitting heat retaining cover. Simply carry the BBQ lid inside and set it it on the kitchen table (sits on the handles).

BrickWood Box BBQ Cover / Lid Kit

● Stainless Steel BBQ Lid / Tray
● Stainless Steel Heat & Moisture Retaining Cover
● Stainless Steel Handles with Polished Chrome finish
● Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
● 3/8" Drill Bit for Metal
● FedEx Ground Delivery INCLUDED in price (Continental US Only)