Styrofoam removal


Does anybody know or have experience with the foam difficulty when removing? I was wondering if I spray it with grease or something will that loosen it better when removing. I installed 2 rows or firebrick then removed the foam to adjust the height of the foam and it was difficult getting off and that was just 2 rows of brick on one side!

Something that creates a barrier between the foam and the brick.

Thanks and thoughts!?

Foam insert stuck

You use a saws all at the corners. Then remove the legs and the top pries out. Not very hard. I wouldn’t spray anything on it


OK. I think if any small pieces of foam stick against the brick the fire will burn them off anyway. As I think about the blanket and stucco and wire mesh, when that is cured it would seem to me that the construction is porous and somewhat hollow or squishy this worries me when I put on the veneer at the end or the project. Thoughts?


The stucco forms a hard shell on the outside. Not porous or squishy