Swaglet Family Oven

So close to firing this thing up!! A few more days and I can start the cure!!


Hi Jay!
Hey i have to say that is totally AWESOME!!! I love that look and your finish!
Can you explain what you used and your process? Really looks good!! You have made me rethink my finish now!


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Thanks so much! The oven is just two coats of stucco and then a top coat of stucco using quikcrete terra-cotta cement coloring. I went with this vs. paint because down the line if I wanted to put brick veneer over it I wouldn’t need to strip the paint. The wood was done with a shou sugi ban treatment (basically torching the wood, removing the carbon with a wire brush and then sanding with 220grit and then linseed oil. I am debating tiling over the brick with some turquoise calavera tile.


BEAUTIFUL OVEN! Please be sure to send pictures of the entire project when she’s all done… this is definately a Photo Gallery “Page 1” oven!

Excellent Job!

BrickWood Ovens Photo Gallery / Photo Submission

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Some more pics of the finished product.

And some of the food I’ve made in it.

Instagram - @therealjaybagley

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Genius idea for the kebabs.

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing those photos Jay! Wondering if your wood compartment door is a “floater” or a slider?

The toned stucco looks so clean and attractive. And you’ve got the food thing going for sure.

Way to go!

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It’s a floater. Painted it with chalkboard paint and let the kids go nuts with it.


Thanks for sharing some of your foods beside pizza. The misses and i are always looking for news ideas!

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Hey Jay -

When you get a second… can you upload all your oven images to:


I’m working hard on the new Website & Photo Gallery 2.0 and want to make sure your oven is on there :slight_smile: