Using oven in the winter?

So this is my first winter with my brick oven. I’m curious if it’s safe to use the oven in the winter months or is it better to hold off until the weather is back up above freezing?

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I love using mine in the snow. No issues whatsoever, just extra ambiance.


Perfectly fine to use below freezing. If you’re doing pizza, keeping your dough warm is a bigger issue, because “room temperature” is a touch chilly. (Speaking from experience there!)


Great, glad to know it’s safe to use it even in the cold winter months!

Use mine here in PA in the dead of winter. Works just fine

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Glad to hear it. Do you guys start the fire small and build it slowly or is that not necessary unless it’s overly damp?

Always start small, but in cold weather I start smaller. Basic thermodynamics—I don’t want materials to expand too quickly.

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