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DO NOT mortar the hearth / cooking surface fire brick together or to the floor! 1 January 14, 2018
Can I just cast my hearth / cooking surface with Castable Refractory instead of using high-strength concrete and/or fire brick? 1 January 16, 2018
Does the fire brick on the hearth really need to be in the herringbone pattern? 1 January 10, 2018
How do I clean the hearth surface / fire brick floor of my wood-fired oven? 1 January 15, 2018
Can I fill the hearth fire bricks with sand to lock them together? 1 January 14, 2018
Can I reuse the foam pizza oven form / mold? And why is the foam so dang hard? 1 January 8, 2018
Step 48 is missing from the Installation Instructions 1 January 10, 2018
Fire Brick Vs. Red Clay Bricks 1 October 19, 2017
How messed up is my oven, rained 10 hours after mortar? 2 June 6, 2018
What is the best type of Chimney Cap / Vent? 2 May 22, 2018
Hardwood Kindling 2 May 20, 2018
BrickWood Ovens 30 Day Return Policy 1 May 17, 2018
Hearth Slab for Barile 3 May 17, 2018
Why do you recommend 3 base slabs vs. 1 monolithic slab? Also, why do you put Vermiculite / Perlite in the void of those slabs? 2 April 11, 2018
When we removed the Barile form, we noticed some voids in the mortar joints. Should I fill those in or just leave them alone? 1 January 17, 2018
Voids in the High-Temperature mortar joints after removing Mattone Barile / Barile Grande Foam Form 2 October 30, 2017
The fire brick from my local dealer aren't quite smooth. Is this okay? 2 May 6, 2018
Can I apply brick veneer on a painted surface? 2 April 30, 2018
How to make Stucco with Sand, Hydrated Lime and Portland Cement 1 January 15, 2018
I was told that Plastic Cement is the same as Portland Cement. Thoughts? 1 January 14, 2018
Can I put Granite, Slate, Marble, Limestone or Soapstone in the front of the oven / hearth area? What could happen? 1 January 14, 2018
BrickWood Ovens Reviews 1 January 17, 2018
I'm a chef that likes to entertain - which type of pizza oven kit is right for me?!? 4 April 23, 2018
Cleaning the hearth / fire brick cooking surface before inserting Bread or Pizza 3 April 17, 2018
Homemade Neapolitan Pizza Dough Recipe for Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens 1 April 13, 2018
I want to place a wood-fired pizza oven directly over an outdoor fireplace. Suggestions? 1 January 17, 2018
Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe for Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens 1 February 9, 2018
I used High-Temp mortar for the exterior shell instead of stucco. Now, the mortar shell won't harden 1 January 14, 2018
I want to send the order as a gift. Can you send it without any pricing on the receipt or packing slip? 1 February 6, 2018
I would like to contact some of your customers in my area for a reference or testimonial. Can you provide me with the contact information for a few of your customers in Florida so I can ask them some questions? 1 January 23, 2018