Castable Refractory Manufacturers / Dealers & Delivery Options


Arizona has 1 refractory dealer while Pennsylvania has 792… Well… not really that many, but there are quite a few in the Keystone state. When you are ready to pull the trigger and order your Castable Refractory, High-Temperature Mortar and Fire Bricks, locate your closest Refractory Dealer with our CASTABLE REFRACTORY DEALER locator.

When ordering Castable Refractory and other Refractory Materials you may have several money-saving pick-up / delivery options – if you know what to ask for. Here are those options ranked from least-to-most expensive.

IN-STORE PICK-UP: Obviously, the least expensive ordering option is to pick-up your refractory materials directly from the manufacturer or refractory dealer. Bring a ½ ton pick-up truck as a pallet of Castable Refractory, Dry High-Temp Mortar and Fire Brick will weigh about 1000lbs. If you called ahead, your order will most likely be plastic wrapped (if requested) and will be placed into your truck via forklift.

TERMINAL PICK-UP: This money saving option (if available) allows you to pick-up your pallet of materials at the freight forwarder’s TERMINAL. The fright terminal is basically a hub for receiving freight, sorting then loading freight trucks for delivery. By picking-up your pallet at the fright terminal, you are saving the costs that are associated with Business or Residential Delivery & Liftgate charges (see below). Fright terminals are usually located in or just outside major cities – so if you are in Podunk, Wyoming, you might have to drive a few hundred miles to your closest fright terminal.

BUSINESS DELIVERY: Do you work at a business that has a forklift? You might save some coin if you have your pallet delivered to a BUSINESS location and use your company forklift to take your pallet off the fright truck. If you don’t have a forklift, make sure you request a LIFTGATE delivery, but at least you don’t have to pay the Residential portion of the delivery fee. Another bonus – you can have a coworker sign for your pallet so you don’t have to be there personally to provide your John Hancock… or is that Herbie Hancock?

RESIDENTIAL HOME DELIVERY / LIFTGATE: If you just want to have your pallet of refractory materials delivered to your home, this option is for you… but it costs a bit more for that convenience. ALL freight forwarders have an additional fee for RESIDENTIAL and LIFTGATE delivery – on top of their delivery charges. In addition, freight companies are NOT moving companies. They will not drive up dirt roads or take your pallet to your backyard - their job ends at the edge of your asphalt or concrete driveway. Also, you or a neighbor will need to be at home to sign for the pallet / delivery (but they will call you the day before delivery to schedule an approximate delivery time). Make sure you inspect the pallet of materials for any damage before you sign the Bill of Lading (take pictures of any damage). Once that truck leaves, you own it!

Shop around and save some SERIOUS Washington’s!

Suppose “Store A” has great prices on Refractory and Mortar… but their Fire Brick prices are much higher than “Store B”. Spilt the purchase! You don’t have to buy all of your materials from one location. Loyalty only matters in marriage – NOT materials.

For example, we purchase our Refractory and High-Temp Mortar from a local Manufacturer, but their Firebrick prices are $2 more PER BRICK than our local Landscape Supply. THAT’S $2 MORE FOR AN IDENTICAL FIREBRICK! The Refractory rep may be a nice guy – but I’ll take the $200 savings and buy from the local Landscape Supply!!!