High temp mortar

If I make my own high temp mortar, is the lime the same as the lime powder you use on your lawn? Also, if I were to buy the 50 lb bag of Heat Stop (dry), how many bags would I need? This is for the smaller Matone (Barille).
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Here’s the spec on the lime:

Hydrated Lime / Powdered Lime / Construction Lime -

This is the product that confuses some of our customers. It is NOT granulated Lime that is sold in the plant section at Home Depot or Lowes but a white and fluffy material that looks and feels like powdered sugar. It is used in the masonry and landscape industry – but it also used in the Plant Nursery industry in 50lb bags.

If you are unable to find this product at your Landscape Supply, call a local Plant Nursery and they can order lime for you.

Here is the link to the full article.

Thanks for the reply, can you tell me how many lbs if I use the Heat Stop dry mix mortar?

I don’t have the instructions for the Mattone Barile handy, but here is a link to a post that will tell you exactly how to figure it out. (And I promise it’s easy, because I wrote it to be easy for ME! :slight_smile: ) Just look in the instructions for your oven to find out how much TOTAL mix is recommended, and then go to this post:

Figuring out your ratios

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Don’t use Castable Cement in lieu of Fireclay. You need a DRY FIRECLAY to make the mortar. Castable Cement is not the right product -

Thx for asking first before mixing!

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