Can I use the Barile series oven in the rain or while it's snowing?

If it’s raining, you might want to consider skipping a wood-fired pizza that day. But we understand that sometimes you start your oven when it’s sunny and by the time it’s heated, it’s started to rain or snow… We live in Washington state… we get it. Yes, your oven can get wet while cooking.

Now, and this is where we are going to promote using the blanket again, if your oven is wrapped with ceramic fiber blanket and finished with some sort of veneer like stone, tile, brick, etc… it is okay to fire up your oven and cook while it’s covered in snow, but be sure to heat the oven SLOWLY to prevent thermal shock. This is when your oven heats too quickly from cold to hot and can result in cracking.

But again, we really don’t recommend using any brand of wood-fired oven if it’s raining or snowing…