Curing the oven

I started my curing process yesterday. Finally! Yes! It was 21 says from when I finished the dome on my Mattone Barile Grande with the fire bricks. I waited to cure untill I closed the front. Used fire bricks on that.

First fire slow to start but followed instructions to the tee. Got it going, went well not alot of heat but good fire.The log did not burn away as I found out today. Today was windy so to keep paper in place. I put to small pieces of wood on the sides to keep all in place. Did the normal day two process. It was a little more wood than the standard kindle and two logs. The fire took of like a forest fire.

My question is… Did I get the fire too hot or will I be ok? Wish I can put some gallery pictures on this to better illustrate.

The curing fires are two-fold.

  1. It is SLOWLY removing any moisture in the castable refractory or that super-wet firebrick. If that water gets to hot, it will turn into steam and steam can crack brick and mortar as it’s exiting the oven. Even if your oven looks super-dry, it could easily be wet on the inside (think… hot water on a frozen windshield).

  2. The curing fires are turning those high-temperature mortar joints into rock! The hotter the fire gets, the harder your mortar joints get.

Thank you for the advice. Today,s fire was perfect. Just ordered a thermal no touch thermometer to see how hot it gets.

Just received the anchor plate and cap. Should I wait until curing is done , put it on and let it air dry for five days? Or can it be attached and cook in the oven?

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