Door Help Please!

I am trying to decide on a door and the pictures that are on the store front don’t really show the lip on the bottom that great. Does anyone here have one that would be willing to post some pictures? It would help me greatly in deciding what to do.


I ordered one. It should arrive tomorrow. If no one else posts a picture, I’ll post some pictures when it arrives.

Thank you, I really appreciate it!

I am happy with mine, but, truth be told, I am only on curing fire day 3!
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I built mine in layers like a snickers…wood on the outside, fiberglass blanket in the middle, and sheet metal on the inside. I screwed it together and used washers to secure the sheet metal.

I also ordered a couple of oven door gaskets to seal the sides


Nice job man!! How is the heat retention with it?

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Absolutely Beautiful!

I’m Officially Jealous (and I have a new project to try)!

For those w/ mad-metal skills… here are the dimensions of our Barile Series Door.

 Really well, however I've realized with this design (arch-like tunnel) the door is more of a vent. If you close the door the fire dwindles and heat drops and holds around 200-300. I use it as more of a vent to allow oxygen through then it gets to nearly 1000 degrees. I can put it sideways and that works well, however it seems to work flawlessly when I tip door forward which seals top, then sucks the air through the bottom. This creates a SERIOUS convection effect I've noticed, which will literally cook a pizza in a minute or less, then a turn and another 45secs-1 min. It also forces the reaching fire to go up the chimney instead of out the front. 

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Thanks! I appreciate that.

You are a true craftsman, @Carlos. Gorgeous work, like the oven itself.

Thanks for sharing those photos, including the end product! Truly a pleasure to have followed you through this process.

I can’t say that I won’t build an insulated door in the future, but this is cool. There’s a one inch lip on the interior and the handles stabilize it from the exterior.

I also bought the gasket but haven’t put it on yet.

Here’s what I accomplished with too much retirement time on my hands…
I utilized the old metal door…cut down to fit snugly INTO the oven entry, while the outside wood frame is oversized. Vents work well, and very little smoke gets on my brick veneer. Rather, the smoke & heat circulates inside, just above the pizzas, and then goes right up the chimney. Temp gauge was special-ordered from Australia, by the way…81) Assembling facade 84) Putting door together 89) Cut to fit inside oven portal 91) Assembled - interior of door

I’m gathering from your description, that with the two vents open and the door over the front of the oven, you get enough air flow to keep the temperature up for cooking pizzas. Correct?

I like that idea.

I like that design a lot where can I find those vents?

I found several different styles of vents on Amazon.