I built a Mattone Barile Grande base, but decided to build the smaller Mattone Barile. Can I use the Grande Base w/ the smaller oven form?

I built the base for the Mattone Barile Grande Oven but decided to build the smaller Mattone Barile model.

I haven’t yet filled the void on the hearth slab (29" x 41") with the vermiculite and portland cement insulation mix.

Should I go ahead and fill the entire void with the insulation mix, or shrink the void space to the dimensions of the smaller oven footprint (27" x 35.5")?

Would it hurt to have the insulated hearth extend those 5.5" beyond the front of the oven?

I wonder if you saw this earlier topic:

The overhang post

BrickWood is ambivalent about building the oven in such a way that the arch of the ovens are DIRECTLY OVER the cinder block / base walls. This post says that while there is so much rebar and concrete in the hearth that it will hold, it wasn’t designed for that and so they can not recommend it.

Unless you already have your kit and can’t return it, I’m wondering if you should rethink this decision. Your base is built, but it’s for the bigger oven. The additional cost is marginal. On that larger hearth and base the smaller oven may end up looking a bit odd.

I know you’ll make the decision that’s right for your circumstances, and I hope whichever way it goes that it turns out well for you.

Thanks for the reply!

I’m glad you said something about the overhang. I wouldn’t have even thought of that.

I’ll look at my options and decide what to do.