Installation table slabs

What is the best way to man handle the three table slabs for placement? I guessing each one goes around 220 pounds or so. The base is complete and I’ll be installing the top next week. Food for thought?

Hi Donald,

Sounds like your build is going well, so far. You’re arriving at one of the steps that requires some thought, because every build is just a little different.

First, each slab weighs more like 375 pounds. When you get over a hundred pounds, you’re wise to invite some help who can either take direction or take over (because they’re experts).

Here’s a short answer:

BrickWood’s short and sweet how-to

Note the advice: Don’t overthink it.

But if you want to read a longer thread featuring lots of folks (including me) overthinking it, here you go:

Various ways to get the slabs in place

It seems really tough, only because it requires levering so much assembled concrete into place, and it’s the only really large set of masonry pieces. But trust me when I say that, one way or another, you’ll get them in place, too.

Let us know how it goes—and especially if you use a method not mentioned in that long thread!