Mattone Barile & Mattone Barile Grande Door Dimensions / Size -


If I close off the front of my Mattone Barile Grande to the recommended opening size, does the door still fit?

I notice the door purchased has a lip on the bottom of the steel plate.


The Barile Door fits both the Mattone Barile & Mattone Barile Grande.

Since no two BrickWood Ovens are identical, having a single size door was not an option. Instead, we designed a door that simply presses against the opening of your oven to keep 95% or more of the heat inside the oven.

So now, no matter what size oven opening you have - our door can be used to cover the opening.

The Barile door is 27.5"W and the flange on the on the backside of the door is 20"W. This gives you 3.7" of clearance on either side. If you choose to close-off the opening with a bit w/ brick, you are able to add up to 3.5" of closure and still be able to use the door (with .25" to spare).

I’ve attached a pic of the BrickWood Ovens Mattone Barile Door dimensions -