Monolithic Hearth Slab

Hi getting ready to to form up for a single slab poor of the hearth deck. I know I need to have the knock out to accommodate the insulating layer of vermiculite and cement. I don’t really want brick around the perimeter of the firebrick cooking hearth. I was planning on pouring the hearth slab thick enough to accommodate the firebrick as well. Do you foresee any issue with this.
Dave LaCroix
Branford, CT 06405

Shouldn’t be a problem. I have a friend who (almost) did it that way. He did a monolithic slab (with a curved front) but allowed enough space to put a 3/4" piece of granite on top flush with the firebrick. He found a remnant at a local shop that he got cheap and it looks great.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure if there would be an issue cracking in the corners.

Hi Dave,

I don’t think there will. The rebar matrix is still essential, and pay careful attention to your concrete mix.