Temperature the next morning

I’m in the process of completing my mattone barile grande. I was wondering for the users with the damper, how hot your oven is the next morning? I was hoping to do pizza at night and bake bread in the morning without relighting a fire.

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Just in general, this is entirely possible with the Mattone Barile design and a damper. The reports I’ve seen are that once your flame is out the oven will cool down to the 350°–400°F range and maintain that into the next day, provided you keep the door on and the damper closed.

It should also be noted that some environmental factors could come into play (cold ambient temps, wind under some circumstances), but you’re building a well-insulated space where heat won’t conduct very well from the inner space to the outer surface.

Hi all.

Matt gave good advisement. All I can say is the last time I cooked pizza I had it up to 971 degrees. 18 1/2 hours later the oven was at 190 degrees. No lie. Se attached picture. I don’t have a damper or a door yet. Environment will play a roll. That weekend was in the 90’s mo rain.

I would get yourself a thermal gun and just have fun with it and see how your oven performs and cools down.


That’s awesome. Thanks guys.