Tuscan Grill (Steve Raichlen) back in stock

Where did you get that Tuscan grill? I’ve been looking for one.

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I got that one on Amazon. Search for the Steve Raichlen Tuscan grill.

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Here is the link for the Raichlen grill.

Many of us here spent 18 months waiting for the Raichlen grill to be back in production, so this is good news. Many of us also got tired of waiting.

So, you can read this article (and also search “Tuscan Grill” on the BrickWood forum for other hits) to find what has worked for me and for others. I do not recommend the “campfire” style steel mesh grills, because they warp in use and will soon rust.

Thanks Jeff for sharing that link with us!


Sure thing, it’s worth every penny in my opinion. Looking forward to many meals cooked using it for sure.


Amazon came through. Did you leave the legs at 4”? I was watching some videos from the Woodfired Oven Chef and he cut his to 2”. He said he did it to make it fit, but I’m wondering if that’s a better height. Thoughts?


I left mine the 4” height but my oven is around 24” tall so I have no height issues


I find 5 inches (which is the height with my firebrick/grill setup) is fine. Two inches seems like a recipe for burning things up before they cook properly. I may try 2 ½ inches, the height of a single firebrick, to see if that’s okay or too close.

So glad your Raichlen grill arrived!

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I left it at 4” to start. Made some tuna the other night and it turned out great. Loving the over so far.


AAnnnnddd…the Raichlen grill is sold out again, with a message that they don’t know when or if it will be available again.

@Demond and @jricharc, I’m really glad you were able to get yours before they were gone.