Ward Gas Burner With Custom Port and Door

I built burner opening on the side. I had a welder custom make the door, I planned this during the build. I really struggled with choosing the placement since I did not see any ovens with propane added.

My next Idea is to cut 2 fire bricks at a slant place inside of the oven to create a convection type oven sending the flame in a spiral as it hits the fire brick. I have not used the burner much yet to give feed back, except you see in photo of the burner flame is better than I thought flame would be this was my first try I could not wait to see how it worked. I have used this burner to start the wood fire.
I would say it helped start wood fire quicker. This burner is removable and the hose has a quick disconnect if I don’t use the burner, I just close the door.

the link below has several choices, I purchased the MR100 Burner what Ward burner suggested for use in most pizza ovens…


Ward Burner Systems
PO Box 1086
Dandridge, TN

865.397.2914 phone
865.397.1253 fax


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Hey there, PizzaBob (love that handle!), and welcome to the BrickWood forum.

Well, thanks to your great photos, now we have some to see. The two photos of the flame remind me of how my own oven looks when I have it set up for pizza, though the flame isn’t as intense-looking as I might have expected. I actually think that’s better, especially when you’re starting with a cold oven.

I really like the door, and think it adds a lot both aesthetically and functionally. Hoping that @BrickWood sees this because we’ve talked in the past about a gas option for his ovens.

For sure, we want to know your continuing experience with this burner, and especially the modification you’re planning. Great application!

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Excellent Installation and THANK YOU for the pictures!

We’ve been recommending Ward Burners since we started, and this is the first time we’ve received pics from a homeowner that installed one! So thank you for that!

The custom door is phenomenal too! Looks like it was made in a factory.

Very well done! Please keep us in mind as you use the oven and let us know your thoughts about the burner & door.

Someday, when we’re all caught up and making installation videos, we’re going to build an oven w/ the Ward burner - and yes… installation on the right or left side is EXACTLY where you need it!

Again - GREAT JOB!

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